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    • The Ledbury in NHG attacked! These kids aren't "anarchists" proving a point to the wealthy...they're just cheapo thieves 8 years ago
    • They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no. All time Amy face. RIP 8 years ago
    • Love pretty ballerina shoes 8 years ago
    • to top that, no other flats in my size from the company. SUPER SUCKS 8 years ago
    • bummed about waiting over 2 weeks for flat wedding shoes, deliveries getting messed up, and then receiving them in a size too big 8 years ago
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Chicken Biryani with Cucumber Mint Raita

After months of planning, eager anticipation, tears and a few tantrums, we are MARRIED! During the pre-wedding madness, I hadn’t stopped to think about whether things would be the same, or different after the wedding. The biggest difference is the name – so much easier to book a table under a quintessential English name as … Continue reading

The Commander, Westbourne Grove

After what seemed like a never-ending series of hiccups, things are finally looking up! I had a follow-up appointment this week with the podiatrist where we played around with the big toe and saw that the inflammation and pain were almost non-existent and there’s only a few more weeks left on the funny boot. Fingers … Continue reading

Hélène Darroze at the Connaught

After four blood tests and x-rays through the NHS I get diagnosed with a completely normal un-fractured foot but with possibly pseudogout, which is gout, but not gout. Yes, thank you Dr. GP, but a “possibly” diagnosis is about as useful as a braille heavy machinery manual. So can I get on a plane and … Continue reading

Bacon-wrapped Chicken stuffed with Goats Cheese, Chilli, Basil, on Red Onion Risotto

Bacon sooooo gooooood. So so so good. This is probably my number one reason for not moving back home to Kuwait – B A C O N. I think I’d be left completely bereft without bacon. It’s amazing crispy, sloppy, on french toast with maple syrup, in a sandwich, wrapping sausages, in a quiche, soups, … Continue reading

Monkfish in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Ginger Spinach

I have a few of those days every now and again, when just one of the things required in setting up the business takes longer than it should and sets me off. Juggling all this together, plus handing in notice to move out and start house-hunting again, oh and the wedding, does result in some … Continue reading

A Royal Tea Party

I’d never have thought I’d be so into all this Royal Wedding frenzy but I got sucked right in, and decided to host a Royal Wedding Tea Party in honour of Kate and Wills. The main objectives for watching the wedding on telly rather than getting squashed amongst hordes were the following: 1. Clean loo … Continue reading

Death by Chocolate Macarons

Font styles – Palatino Linotype? Italics? Size? Colours, paper GSM, orientation? Oh and the wording on every bleeding insert, and that’s just the wedding invitations. Then there were sarees. SO MANY SAREES. In all-sorts of colours I’d never even heard of…until I went saree shopping that is. Not pink, but onion pink. Not orange, but … Continue reading

Rinku’s Butter Chicken

I’ve been quiet for a while now. A lot has happened since this summer and here’s a speedy synopsis of how it all went. July: Started my internship at a modern French restaurant owned by a michelin master August: Had an epic summer holiday in the South of France. Got our wallets rinsed. Came back … Continue reading

Macaron Ispahan

My mom is adorable. Everytime I visit home she works on this massive spread of all my fave dishes way before my arrival, something new for every lunch or dinner. Hence, I love visiting home. I get my laundry done, I wear my old pyjamas and laze about all day long, I snooze on the … Continue reading

Spaghetti Gambas in Garlic Tomato Sauce

Hi again! If you were planning on spending some of your summer in Paris, don’t. The weather is hormonal (it actually feels like a Mumbai Monsoon today with a torrential downpour that’s leaking onto my bed through the attic window), a lot of the restaurants (including where I work) and bakeries are closed and the … Continue reading