Mac n Cheese

Hawaii is so so so expensive. Ridiculously so. Not only has the pound been getting a pounding (pun intended), the islands are in the middle of nowhere and have to import everything. We went ATV (all terrain vehicle) riding at a ranch in Kauai, where Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones were shot – super dirty … Continue reading

Crabcakes with spicy potato chips

Since starting to explore meat a few months back I’ve relapsed into my vegetarian ways recently, mainly due to trying to keep my weight in check. I find chicken inoffesive and not very interesting. Lamb is something I am trying very hard to like but am hardly liking. My first ever beef burger (not entirely … Continue reading

Raspberry & Lemon Cheesecake Brownie

This is one of the most wonderful Septembers I’ve had in London. The weather is surprisingly lovely and the folks are over spoiling me with all my home-cooked faves – prawn malai curry, cauliflower parathas with pickles, egg curry and bhindi masala. They even gifted me my first ever grown-up camera to take prettier pictures … Continue reading

Sushi & Sashimi at Hashimoto

Last Christmas I was gifted a sushi and sashimi cooking class at Reiko Hashimoto’s school in Wimbledon by nearest and dearest. Lovely lady, good instruction and tips on where to grab the ingredients from. One of the most useful tips she imparted was that when at the fishmongers’tell them you’ll be serving sushi tomorrow – … Continue reading

Rick Stein’s Padstow Seafood Cooking School

I attended the 4-day long seafood course at Rick Stein’s school in Padstow last year. It was super! I had a pretty sweet room above the Seafood Restaurant, just a few minutes walk away from the school. Padstow isn’t a crazy party place but it is very pretty. The course included hands-on training on cleaning, … Continue reading

I miss my mom when I’m ill

I always miss the way my mom showers attention on me when I’ve got the slightest of sniffles. Cold compresses, hot masala chai, khichri, massages and tickles, all the works. It’s so boring being ill on my own. I’ve found lemsip to be the easiest thing to make and get down a throat that feels … Continue reading

My First Ever – Guinness Choc Cupcakes

Hi! I thought it’d be a good idea to start blogging about my journey through food now that I have quite a bit of spare time since leaving my investment banking job. I’m really looking forward to moving to Paris in January and starting the French cuisine course I’ve enrolled into at a culinary institute … Continue reading