I miss my mom when I’m ill

I always miss the way my mom showers attention on me when I’ve got the slightest of sniffles. Cold compresses, hot masala chai, khichri, massages and tickles, all the works. It’s so boring being ill on my own. I’ve found lemsip to be the easiest thing to make and get down a throat that feels like it’s got a thousand needles poking into it.

I tried making my own khichri (a dish that’s similar to a kedgeree) at my weakest this weekend and it turned out looking and tasting worse than the re-constituted artificial scrambled egg bricks served at student halls.


Not being able to stomach my crappy khichri, I made some fun and colourful mixed veggies – beans, carrots and cauliflower, and loaded up my rice with ghee in the hope of activating my tastebuds. Surprisingly, the homely scent of the warm ghee found its way through my nostrils which up until then had felt like they were blocked with grout.

These veggies go really well with masoor (red lentil) daal. Just like how my mom would serve it.


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