Crabcakes with spicy potato chips

Since starting to explore meat a few months back I’ve relapsed into my vegetarian ways recently, mainly due to trying to keep my weight in check. I find chicken inoffesive and not very interesting. Lamb is something I am trying very hard to like but am hardly liking. My first ever beef burger (not entirely true…the last one I had was a double whopper on my 21st birthday. Catastrophic) was remarkably very similar to Tesco’s meat-free burgers and I haven’t been able to work myself up to a steak just as yet. Oh and crispy duck at Mr Chow’s is pretty awesome.

I’m still in love with seafood. I made some crabcakes this weekend. My folks make some really good fishcakes with canned tuna. Sounds grim I know, but once you’re through with all the spices the wet smell of canned tuna is long gone. So I dug up a random recipe for crabcakes from the web and was pleasantly surprised.



The crabcakes were okay. I feel like the texture of some of the cakes were a bit gloopy as the flour/butter/milk mixture to bind the ingredients together was the gloopy culprit and upon re-doing it the crabcakes were less wet. I found that the key is to not rush. Dumping all the flour into the melted butter in at once wasn’t wise. Stirring it into a smooth paste is the way forward.

The potato chips are Madhur Jaffrey’s recipe. The spice paste was wonderful, but getting all the match-stick size potato chips to be crispy was a challenge. Three burnt and blistering fingers later, some of my chips were beyond soggy and the better ones were already munched by the incredibly hungry. I managed to salvage some for a totally unhealthy and completely deep fried meal.

One Response to “Crabcakes with spicy potato chips”
  1. Patrick says:

    ICKS! You throw around many accusations that are not true. I don’t like being called a fatty.

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