Pasta in Minced Prawn and Chilli Tomato Sauce

However wonderful the restaurants in St Petersburg are, grocery shopping for the foreign home cook is like playing the piano with my left foot, blind-folded, with both of my hands tied to my right foot. Mysterious Russian labels everywhere, not very assisting shop assistants, not a sign in English. It is all very confusing. The … Continue reading

St Petersburg: мопс (Mops)

St Petersburg is very cold. I got my first ridiculously warm hat yesterday and one would need to surgically remove it from my head. It’s not coming off. I feel as warm as a toastie in it. As it is so cold I was under the impression that people must be hibernating at home to … Continue reading

Rigatoni Giardiniera (née Penne Giardiniera) with Garlic Chilli Prawns

After binging on a lot of Indian food recently I thought I’d be a bit more sensitive towards our over-indulged tummies. Pasta-pesto-cheese, although I love, tends to bloat me up like no tomorrow. Possibly because of the brick of cheese I tend to load up the bowl of pasta with. So I decided to copy-cat … Continue reading

Chholay Bhaturay

Diwali, being like Christmas in the west, means family time, fireworks and food. Certainly helps having nearest & dearest around, as my family is back in Kuwait having as much an authentic Diwali celebration as possible in the Middle East. Having no backyard of my own I have to make do with no firework fun … Continue reading

Thai-style Crab Risotto

With my nearest & dearest back for Diwali I was wondering if I could get away with a whole veggie weekend for Diwali’s sake. Not a chance. Are we even supposed to be vegetarian for Diwali? I’m not so sure. I don’t even know if Ram was veggie. Google comes up with inconclusive answers and … Continue reading

Green Curry Fried Rice with Chicken

Chicken isn’t my favourite meat. However, since my new-found non-vegetarianism I have fallen head over heals with KFC. The variety meal for lunch today, complete with fried chicken, hot wings, popcorn chicken, chips and full fat coke, was one of the most satisfying meals ever. Why hadn’t I discovered this bounty of goodness before? The … Continue reading

Egg Curry with Naan

I was surprised by a lot of things when I first arrived in London in 2002. The pace, the people, the various accents and slang terms, PDA, and the homeless amongst others. I was also surprised by how popular Indian cuisine was here. There was an Indian restaurant or take-away every two blocks, and most … Continue reading

Lemon Risotto with Prawns

Any serious Italian will say you’re not supposed to mix cheese with seafood. Why not? I like cheese. And I like seafood. Hence, cheesy seafood – I like! I’m not a big fan of hard core rules about eating. Each to their own really. If you like your marmite with peanut butter, I will think … Continue reading

Cinnamon Apple Tarte Tatin

So my finger’s finally feeling normal again. Why not try out something crazy? Something crazy like puff pastry? I’ve only ever heard and read about what a nightmare puff pastry can be. So when I came across a recipe that was described as ‘quick puff pastry’ I thought to myself, “Wow! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy”. In … Continue reading

French Onion Soup with Gruyere Gratinee

I’d never piled on the pounds as quickly as I had working as an analyst in investment banking. Sitting at my desk for 14 hours a day, typing in excel short cuts with one hand, and popping one malteser after another (it is, after all, a healthier chocolate) into my mouth and ordering sushi for … Continue reading