Malt Chocolate Macarons

A Love Letter to Mr Macaron: Hello Mr Macaron, it was really good seeing you today. I love the way our relationship has matured over the past few weeks. Feels like we’ve reached a new depth, a new chapter, a symbiotic relationship. Your elusiveness and temperamental nature is intruiging, your beauty is beguiling. I am … Continue reading

Sweet Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam

I.Heart.Afternoon.Tea. Afternoon tea (otherwise known as High Tea) is a lovely English tradition that isn’t widely practised in the city anymore. It’s oddly quite difficult to find a nice relaxed venue for tea and cakes in London. There are the extravagant avo teas offered at fancy hotels such as the Ritz for £35 per head … Continue reading

Mint Chocolate Macarons

Having just got back from Paris from my extravagant birthday celebration (encompassing the cabaret, L’Arpège and decent cocktails by Parisian standards), and unsuccessful house-hunting mission, I’m obsessed with macarons all over again. After messing up my first batch using 48 hours aged egg whites I had to resort to using fresh egg whites brought down … Continue reading

Crispy Peking Duck with Cranberry Red Wine Sauce and Pancakes

Red, green, gold, silver – nothing describes “Festive” better than these colours. Indian weddings and Diwali celebrations call for brightly coloured decorations, drapes and lights, and Christmas in London is not too dissimilar (no paisley prints here though) and rather breath-taking. One of the very few things that would cheer me up on my way … Continue reading

Paris: Le 404

As a student in Paris a few years ago I happily subsisted on cheese, baguettes, crepes and wine. Occasionally, we’d splurge at Pizza Pino on the Champs Elysées before a night out, and onion soup at Au Pied de Cochon before the morning after. Life was good. Life was cheap. Now, a few years later … Continue reading