Crème Caramel and Mousse au Chocolat

I used to be rather fond of those boxed brownie or cake mixes. Betty Crocker brownies were so very convincing that I’d sell them at my high school’s bake sale to little pudgy gluttons. Creme caramel mixes weren’t too bad either. They had a strange gelatinous, yet creamy texture and a very un-caramely taste which … Continue reading

Menu Alsace: Sandre en Choucroute a l’Ancienne, Beurre Blanc

Last Friday was a good Friday. It was the day after all the stupidity and drama, most of us still disturbed but it was surprisingly calm. For some anyway. It was about time I was paired with the non-English and non-French speaking girl from the Far East. The obvious language barrier may not have been … Continue reading

Oeufs Mollets aux Coquillages, Compotee de Tomate, Emulsion Moules

Dramarama. That is how I would describe the dinner and lunch services this week. It was hot, my stomach was cramping, and the air was thick with drama. I was teamed up yet again with the duck dream team from two weeks back…with slow-mo again. I was surprised that the dreaded monster within me wasn’t … Continue reading

Génoise with Coffee Buttercream Frosting

I was initially feeling buckets of sympathy for the patisserie students while I was whipping buttercream and génoise by hand. Twenty minutes of whipping, messing it up and not getting a buttercreamy consistency, and then starting all over again. Another twenty minutes of whisking the génoise and not getting a ribbon-like consistency, and then starting … Continue reading

Alumettes and Petites Parisiennes

They say practise makes perfect. Or at least, better. Puff pastry the second time round was way better. There are few more pointers to keep in mind: 1. Try keeping the edges as straight as possible. This can be done by marking the edges with the rolling pin pressed down hard before rolling the dough … Continue reading

Souffles, Saucisson Brioche and Risotto l’Encre de Seiche

I’ve noticed a few odd things about Parisienne etiquette while trying to immerse myself into the culture: 1. People get on the metro before they let you off. I was pretty certain that there was an unsaid rule of vice versa (as it is logical to let people off first, hence making space for others … Continue reading


The new sofa is warm and cozy like a mother’s womb. It envelops me right into its soft welcoming cushions and transports me away to a heaven made of wool and feathers. It makes the entire arduous eight week long process of getting permission and keys to open the front gates and for using an … Continue reading

Menu Normandie: Canard en deux cuissons, rôti sur coffre cuisse en crépine, et jus court, pommés dauphines

After two manic services we still had the Normandy menu to go through on Friday. I had the awesomest luck to get teamed with the duck three days in a row. Not just that, I also had the awesomest luck to be teamed with the same team-mate I had all throughout service. I think that … Continue reading

Duck Filets and Pastilla with Jus court aux épices, and Charlotte and Jerusalem Artichoke Gratin

Filets de Canette, et sa cuisse en Pastilla, jus court aux épices, gratin de charlotte et topinambours. A mouthful isn’t it? Our dinner and lunch services over the last two days were two polar opposites. Where the dinner service was chaotic, and a down-right cock-up, the lunch service went much more smoothly with minimal glitches. … Continue reading

Quiche Lorraine and Tarte à l’Oignon

I’m totally psyched and nervous about tomorrow’s dinner service – my first taste of a real kitchen, serving real people. Yes of course it’s made by students and all, and we may not be at Ducasse levels yet, but it’s a LOT of food. We had a two and a half hour briefing session with … Continue reading