The new sofa is warm and cozy like a mother’s womb. It envelops me right into its soft welcoming cushions and transports me away to a heaven made of wool and feathers. It makes the entire arduous eight week long process of getting permission and keys to open the front gates and for using an electric ladder to get the sofa through the window, looking for sanely priced ladders and removals quotes, getting the broken gates to open, procuring the correct keys and many more irritating details. It is just soooo good to sit/lie/curl up in right now. Ooh yeah.

I do need to stop munching on whatever I’m making in school. Crème mousseline and puff pastry pack in half a kilo of butter together. I’ve been piping the cream straight into my mouth. This stuff is going straight to my rump and soon I’m going to blend right into the cushions of the sofa if I don’t stop piping fat and sugar into my gob.


Puff Pastry

350g flour
7g salt
180g water
250g butter

1. Sift flour and make a circle on work surface. Pour in salt and water into the middle and dissolve the salt in the liquid. Mix in flour gradually and knead into smoothness.
2. Make a cross with a knife on the top of the dough ball and let it rest in the fridge for at least 20 minutes.

Cross in dough

3. Flatten the butter with a rolling pin and shape into a square.
4. To check if dough is ready to be rolled, poke a hole in it. If it doesn’t bounce back, it is ready. Flour the work surface and roll the dough’s four edges out, leaving a little mound in the middle. Place the butter square in the middle of the dough and wrap it like a present folding over the dough flaps into the middle of the butter square. Flatten the dough and roll in out lengthwise three times the width. Brush off excess flour. Fold into three. Turn the dough’s folded edge to the right or left. Repeat rolling out lengthwise and folding into three once more. Rest for 20-30 mins in the fridge.
5. Lightly flour the work surface and placing the fold to the right or left, roll out lengthwise four times the width and fold into four (1 side’s fold to the middle being smaller than the other, and then a book fold). Repeat rolling out and folding into four once more. Rest in fridge. Puff pastry dough is ready to roll out and use now.

Crème Mousseline

0.5L milk
125g sugar
2 eggs
50g custard powder
250g butter

1. Boil milk over medium heat. Mix in half the sugar.
2. In a mixing bowl, whisk eggs, remaining sugar and custard powder together.
3. Once milk is at boiling point pour slowly at first into the egg mixture while whisking continuously, increasing pouring speed gradually.
4. Pour back mixture into pan and keep whisking till cream thickens. Boil cream for one minute.
5. Remove from heat and add in small chunks of 125g butter and whisk to incorporate. Wrap cream in film and chill.
6. Once chilled, put cream in a mixer and beat on a low speed. Add in flavouring of choice (we used 1 capful of rum).
7. Melt butter for 20 seconds in the microwave and whisk into a creamy texture. Add into the beaten cream and beat together till smooth.


1. Cut the puff pastry dough lengthwise into a ratio of 2:3. Reserve the smaller part in fridge.
2. Lightly flour work surface and roll out the bigger portion lengthwise to the size of a 40cmx30cm baking tray. Once rolled out prick holes all over so that the dough doesn’t puff up too much.
3. Brush the baking tray with water. USing a rolling pin lay the dough on the tray and press in to stick to the tray. Use a knife to get rid of trimmings. Prick holes into dough again and let it rest at room temp for 20-30mins.
4. Lightly flour work surface and roll out the smaller portion of dough reserved to 40cmx20cm. Trim edges to make it straight. Cut 3 strips lengthwise: 1 of 16cm and 2 of 2cm each. Lay the 16cm strip on a water-brushed baking tray. Prick many holes into the dough. Brush the two long sides of 16cm strip with water and lay the 2cm strips over them. Pinch the edges with a paring knife lightly to seal them.
5. Bake puff pastry in oven for 20 minutes till light golden. Once baked, let cool.
6. Slice the 40cmx30cm pastry into 3 strips lengthwise. Using a size 10 piping nozzle, pipe on cream on one layer, and sandwich with another layer. Pipe in cream on second layer and sandwich with the third pastry layer. Coat the top layer with icing sugar. Serve as is or caramelise the top.

Caramelising the icing sugar

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