Chicken Chapter Deux: Poulet Rôti sur Canape and Poulet Cocotte Grand Mère

Yet another tricky couple of days with chicken. I thought that roasting chickens whole would be a lot easier to manage than de-boned chicken. I thought very wrong. I’ve been lagging behind everybody else and now even the Chef has taken notice. Why can’t chicken and I just get along? I need to think about … Continue reading

Chicken Chapter: Poulet au Chasseur and Fricassée de Volaille à l’Ancienne avec Legumes Primeurs

With the fish done we’ve now moved onto chicken and it’s not getting any easier. Having de-boned multiple ducks during service and regional menu I thought I might be having a bit of an easier time with the chicken. You know, being smaller and all. But trying to de-gut a smaller bird with just two … Continue reading

Tarte Citron and Tarte Chocolat

Tartes are nice. They are especially nice at lunch-time, tea-time or dinner-time. All the time. Even though they pack in a calorific punch, a tarte citron slice is really pleasing after a heavy meal. Besides, there’s still room for chocolate in my belly. Our patisserie class this week was eventful. We made pate sucree (sweet … Continue reading

Menu Bordelaise: Asparagus with Bacon and Broad Beans

I’m never really a 100% certain when Chef is joking or not. I was told I was supposed to peel 35 asparagus (asparagi??) and stuff with bacon and onions, and I thought to myself, “This chap’s really funny” and giggled like an imbecil. Is he serious? Oh, yes he is. He assured me that these … Continue reading

Terrine de Pot au Feu

Sixteen hours on my feet is tiring and has made the two pesky corns on my feet act up. To add insult to injury, our terrine, brimming with effort, sweat and hope, looked like slime on a plate. So there I was, hobbling around with my dodgy extremities trying to make a slime pit of … Continue reading

Goats Cheese, Pesto and Caramelised Red Onions Tart

Happy Easter! There have been very few weekends about which I can actually say I’ve had an awesome time at home slouching about on the couch. It had a discouraging start with grocery shopping on Saturday morning. I miss Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Whole Foods – where shopping aisles are planned with logic and there … Continue reading

Fish Week: Salmon, Sea Bream, Lemon Sole, Hake and Trout

This blog, a portal of Shmii’s ramblings about life and cooking as she sees it, has garnered a lot of interest as of late and it’s about time the non-obligatory disclaimer was pulled out: This blog is based on actual events. In certain cases incidents, characters and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes. Certain … Continue reading