Navarin Agneau Printanier

Almost perfect. Sauce flavoursome, vegetables cooked well, served warm and on time, but meat dry. Sometimes I really wish I was a little bit taller, or just a lot faster. If I don’t shotgun one of the easily accessible levels of the oven in the kitchen I’ll be stuck with the higher racks, so high … Continue reading

Blanquette de Veau Ancienne and Escalope de Veau Viennoise

I’m not comfortable with food being described as “sexy”. There can be nothing decidedly defined as sexy in the culinary world. Sexy chicken?? Err no. Sexy egg perhaps? Sorry, no again. But unsexy…yes. Unsexy can be used to describe Blanquette de Veau. Phonetically it sounds like a baby cow blanket, and that would’ve probably been … Continue reading

Cromesquis d’Escargots

Our mock exam today was nerve-wracking. Everything about it: the weekend leading up to it, the 24 hours leading up to it, preparing the mise en place, plating, and then waiting anxiously to be told I suck. The night before I went through all my notes, recipes and relevant blog entries, so when we were … Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole…

Don’t like rabbit. To be honest, I rarely like meat unless it’s been processed till it is completely indistinguishable such as chicken nuggets or frankfurters. Crispy duck at Mr Chow’s in Knightsbridge was the defining moment of my conversion to non-vegetarianism on the wake of my acceptance of the French culinary school offer, but ever … Continue reading

Vanilla Macarons

Vanilla is boring. It’s great. But it’s boring. I had been massively looking forward to the macaron making pastry class. We started off excitedly cooking up colours and combinations in our heads and then baking the macaron doughs. Amongst some of the ideas we had: white chocolate & raspberry, passion fruit, blackcurrant, and balsamic vinegar. … Continue reading

Menu Picardie: Chocolat-Caffè Macarons

This was the least exciting regional menu we’ve done. I was still hungry after our five courses as I was so disappointed and was craving KFC. It was just my sodding luck that I’d invited N&D along for lunch at school when we had prepared the dullest menu ever. There were of course some bits … Continue reading

Dorade Sauce Vierge avec Gratin de Courgette

I would hate to make a post just about the disastrous coquelet (little chicken), so I’m just going to revisit why last Tuesday went so atrociously. After being told I must speed up my act repeatedly I decided to power steer my way through dressing the Coquelet a l’Americaine. Grilled split carcass and oven cooked … Continue reading

Menu Languedoc: Cannelloni de Chèvre au Pesto et Coulis de Tomate

After a ball-busting week over poultry I was eagerly looking forward to the Regional Menu Friday where we create a five-course meal, all lavish with paired wines, sit-down, unwind, gorge. I was especially looking forward to this menu as the Chef had allowed my recipe, my very own baby, onto the menu. How fun! I … Continue reading

Canard à l’Orange and Canard cuit sur Coffre au Poivre Vert, Parmentier de Canard

Lollipop lollipop ooh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop… Call my baby lollipop Tell you why His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie And when he does his shaky rockin’ dance Man, I haven’t got a chance This is the song I started humming when I saw the end result of my duck a l’orange. … Continue reading