Navarin Agneau Printanier

Almost perfect.

Navarin Agneau Printanier

Sauce flavoursome, vegetables cooked well, served warm and on time, but meat dry.

Sometimes I really wish I was a little bit taller, or just a lot faster. If I don’t shotgun one of the easily accessible levels of the oven in the kitchen I’ll be stuck with the higher racks, so high that they’re over my head. The copper pots at school aren’t exactly feather weight either, and they can get hot like the sun. And for a meat that’s being slow-cooked, be it rabbit, duck or lamb, it’s odd that it can dry out so quickly if one isn’t careful or watchful.

Cooking liquid needs to be topped up all the times which is an easy thing to do when my oven rack is at most at four and a half feet. Anything beyond that is just comical.

Navarin Agneau Printanier

1kg boneless lamb pieces, cubed into 5cm pieces
1 carrot, mirepoix
1 onion, hacher
3 cloves garlic, hacher
1 celery stick, mirepoix
100g flour
1/2 cup white wine
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 bouquet garni
1 cup peas, cuire a l’anglaise
1 cup green runner beans, trimmed, cuire a l’anglaise
1/2 turnip, turned, glace a brun (cooked slowly with butter, sugar, salt, and water halfway up the vegetables spread out on one layer, covered with parchment paper and turned to colour all sides evenly)
3 carrots, turned, glace a brun
1 cup oignons grelots, peeled, glace a brun
12 potatoes, turned, cuire a l’anglaise (starting from cold water brought to a boil and cooking at a simmer)
5 asparagus, peeled, cuire a l’anglaise

1. Season the meat. Colour in a pan with some peanut oil and butter. Remove the lamb and degrease the pan. Add in the garniture aromatique (carrot, onion, garlic and celery) and saute for a few minutes. Put the lamb back in. Mix in the tomato paste, sprinkle flour over the lamb and brown in the oven at 200C. Deglace with wine. Season. Add in water just till 1cm above the lamb and the bouquet garni. Cook covered in the oven for one hour thirty minutes till two hours. Check every 10 minutes to adjust water level so that the meat is never uncovered. Remove the meat once cooked and reduce the sauce on a medium simmer.
2. Remove the garniture once sauce is reduced. Add in the meat with the potatoes and check the sauce’s consistency (it thickens when the potatoes are added so you may need to add in some stock or water to lighten it). When sauce is nearing desired consistency add in the turnip, carrot, oignons grelots and heat for 5-6 mins. Reheat the peas, beans and asparagus separately and add into the lamb with the sauce.


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