Racks and Reshmi Kebabs

The Final Exam T-1: Menu Grand Ouest We had the biggest, flashest, and baddest-assest regional menu ever – Menu Grand Ouest, with gallons of wine to wash it down. Sardines aren’t my thing but I do love tomate fondue. The clams were a wonderful vessel to transport mounds of parsley butter into my gob. The … Continue reading

Osso Bucco Piemontaise, Steak and stuff

For some reason the past two weeks have wiped me out. Two difficult services, some difficult people, some difficult meetings, and I’m not sure I’m so good with difficult situations. At least my French is getting better. Someone stuck their name on my letterbox and a note inside saying, “If this is your letterbox, please … Continue reading

Menu Perigord: Cabillaud dans tous ses états

My favourite fish is black cod or butterfish. Butterfish or black cod? I’m confused. Googling hasn’t helped either. They taste the same, or similar at least. Black cod miso…yummm, seared butterfish with honey glazing…yummm. The best I’ve had has been at Roka, London. It doesn’t come cheap, and after a three course meal I felt … Continue reading

Rôti de Porc Ficelé and Carré de Porc

Our charcuterie lesson had opened my eyes and closed my mind. I could do nothing but stare, gob-smacked, when I read the recipe for Boudin Noir (black sausage): 500g raw onions 300g pork back fat 350 fresh pork blood 5cl cream 10cl lard Hang on…FRESH BLOOD?? I always knew black pudding was pig’s blood and … Continue reading