A Royal Tea Party

I’d never have thought I’d be so into all this Royal Wedding frenzy but I got sucked right in, and decided to host a Royal Wedding Tea Party in honour of Kate and Wills. The main objectives for watching the wedding on telly rather than getting squashed amongst hordes were the following:
1. Clean loo at home
2. Pimms and lemonade N&D whips up with oodles of fresh fruit
3. Champagne out of proper champagne flutes
4. Clean loo at home deserves another mention
5. Getting a good look at the dress, the hair, the jewellery, the make-up and the guests

But once we saw her arrival with her dad I couldn’t help but notice how proud he looked to be walking by his beautiful daughter and how happy the bride and groom seemed. Even with billions of people watching from all over the world, they looked totally into each other and so in love. And now I cannot WAIT till August to get married!

For breakfast we started off with champagne with cherry liqueur and bacon, roast chicken and egg club sandwiches. Followed by Pimms, scones, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and rose macarons for tea. Followed by more Pimms. And then some more. Of course, going out dancing till four am seemed like a grand idea then. So what if we have a marriage counselling class from nine to five the next day?

Afternoon tea tiers

Red velvet - don't they look so British?

English Rose macarons - gettit? hohoho

We needed to have the all-day session to get a certificate that enables us to get married in the Church. The chances of us even making it through the day with our stonking headaches and fatigue from just three hours sleep and over-indulgence were slim. We still got ourselves there, on time I’d like to add, and with absolutely no expectations on how the day was going to go we were very surprised to find that we actually enjoyed it. The counsellors covered a range of topics from expectations, responsibilities, commitment and conflicts. Most of it was light-hearted, a lot of it was amusing especially when some of the other couples got really into it, some of it was dull and a bit of it was depressing, but all in all quite a nice day. I don’t want to sound like a wet mop but it was refreshing to just sit for a few hours (just a few out of the entire six, as the rest of the time my head was caving in while my brain was melting and my tongue was falling out of my skull) and think about ourselves and why we were actually getting married as opposed to guestlists, RSVPs, shoes, and catering, because along the way it’s quite easy to forget and get side-tracked by these details. And now I REALLY cannot wait till August to get married 🙂

Big hearty congratulations to Catherine and William!


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