A Royal Tea Party

I’d never have thought I’d be so into all this Royal Wedding frenzy but I got sucked right in, and decided to host a Royal Wedding Tea Party in honour of Kate and Wills. The main objectives for watching the wedding on telly rather than getting squashed amongst hordes were the following: 1. Clean loo … Continue reading

Death by Chocolate Macarons

Font styles – Palatino Linotype? Italics? Size? Colours, paper GSM, orientation? Oh and the wording on every bleeding insert, and that’s just the wedding invitations. Then there were sarees. SO MANY SAREES. In all-sorts of colours I’d never even heard of…until I went saree shopping that is. Not pink, but onion pink. Not orange, but … Continue reading

Macaron Ispahan

My mom is adorable. Everytime I visit home she works on this massive spread of all my fave dishes way before my arrival, something new for every lunch or dinner. Hence, I love visiting home. I get my laundry done, I wear my old pyjamas and laze about all day long, I snooze on the … Continue reading

Vanilla Macarons

Vanilla is boring. It’s great. But it’s boring. I had been massively looking forward to the macaron making pastry class. We started off excitedly cooking up colours and combinations in our heads and then baking the macaron doughs. Amongst some of the ideas we had: white chocolate & raspberry, passion fruit, blackcurrant, and balsamic vinegar. … Continue reading

Christmas Chow

Hi, I’m back after my bezzie’s wedding in India. The bride and groom were fabulous, catching up with loads of old pals from school was awesome, seeing the Taj Mahal with my N&D was totally wow, the food was outstanding, and the runs could’ve been done without. It was really no surprise why so many … Continue reading

Sweet Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam

I.Heart.Afternoon.Tea. Afternoon tea (otherwise known as High Tea) is a lovely English tradition that isn’t widely practised in the city anymore. It’s oddly quite difficult to find a nice relaxed venue for tea and cakes in London. There are the extravagant avo teas offered at fancy hotels such as the Ritz for £35 per head … Continue reading