Osso Bucco Piemontaise, Steak and stuff

For some reason the past two weeks have wiped me out. Two difficult services, some difficult people, some difficult meetings, and I’m not sure I’m so good with difficult situations. At least my French is getting better. Someone stuck their name on my letterbox and a note inside saying, “If this is your letterbox, please … Continue reading

Blanquette de Veau Ancienne and Escalope de Veau Viennoise

I’m not comfortable with food being described as “sexy”. There can be nothing decidedly defined as sexy in the culinary world. Sexy chicken?? Err no. Sexy egg perhaps? Sorry, no again. But unsexy…yes. Unsexy can be used to describe Blanquette de Veau. Phonetically it sounds like a baby cow blanket, and that would’ve probably been … Continue reading

Terrine de Pot au Feu

Sixteen hours on my feet is tiring and has made the two pesky corns on my feet act up. To add insult to injury, our terrine, brimming with effort, sweat and hope, looked like slime on a plate. So there I was, hobbling around with my dodgy extremities trying to make a slime pit of … Continue reading