Christmas Chow

Hi, I’m back after my bezzie’s wedding in India. The bride and groom were fabulous, catching up with loads of old pals from school was awesome, seeing the Taj Mahal with my N&D was totally wow, the food was outstanding, and the runs could’ve been done without. It was really no surprise why so many … Continue reading

Chholay Bhaturay

Diwali, being like Christmas in the west, means family time, fireworks and food. Certainly helps having nearest & dearest around, as my family is back in Kuwait having as much an authentic Diwali celebration as possible in the Middle East. Having no backyard of my own I have to make do with no firework fun … Continue reading

Cinnamon Apple Tarte Tatin

So my finger’s finally feeling normal again. Why not try out something crazy? Something crazy like puff pastry? I’ve only ever heard and read about what a nightmare puff pastry can be. So when I came across a recipe that was described as ‘quick puff pastry’ I thought to myself, “Wow! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy”. In … Continue reading

Onion and Rosemary Focaccia

Westfield Shopping Centre (Shepherd’s Bush) public toilets have dangerous doors. It swung right into my finger and now the joint is looking blue, swollen and very angry. On my good right hand too! Flipping through my Giorgio Locatelli Made in Italy cookbook I got inspired to bake my own focaccia. The recipe described it as … Continue reading