The Commander, Westbourne Grove

After what seemed like a never-ending series of hiccups, things are finally looking up! I had a follow-up appointment this week with the podiatrist where we played around with the big toe and saw that the inflammation and pain were almost non-existent and there’s only a few more weeks left on the funny boot. Fingers … Continue reading

Hélène Darroze at the Connaught

After four blood tests and x-rays through the NHS I get diagnosed with a completely normal un-fractured foot but with possibly pseudogout, which is gout, but not gout. Yes, thank you Dr. GP, but a “possibly” diagnosis is about as useful as a braille heavy machinery manual. So can I get on a plane and … Continue reading

Hampshire: The Pub With No Name aka The White Horse

Now that it’s getting closer and closer to the big move date, I’m getting increasingly antsy about the lack-of-shelter situation in Paris and starting to miss all things Anglais. The flat in Kensington, the convenience of knowing where I can get a good deal on re-heeling my shoes and mani/pedi, my Oyster card, late night … Continue reading

Paris: Le 404

As a student in Paris a few years ago I happily subsisted on cheese, baguettes, crepes and wine. Occasionally, we’d splurge at Pizza Pino on the Champs Elysées before a night out, and onion soup at Au Pied de Cochon before the morning after. Life was good. Life was cheap. Now, a few years later … Continue reading

St Petersburg: матроская тишина (Matroskaya Tishina)

I hadn’t realised how uncomfortable I would be in a really hot and sweaty Russian banya (spa…of sorts) with several women of all shapes and sizes in the nuddy walking around…like it’s normal. As I was so uncomfortable being starkers around loads of strangers I initially walked in in my 2 piece, and of course … Continue reading

St Petersburg: мопс (Mops)

St Petersburg is very cold. I got my first ridiculously warm hat yesterday and one would need to surgically remove it from my head. It’s not coming off. I feel as warm as a toastie in it. As it is so cold I was under the impression that people must be hibernating at home to … Continue reading