Oeufs Mollets aux Coquillages, Compotee de Tomate, Emulsion Moules

Dramarama. That is how I would describe the dinner and lunch services this week. It was hot, my stomach was cramping, and the air was thick with drama. I was teamed up yet again with the duck dream team from two weeks back…with slow-mo again. I was surprised that the dreaded monster within me wasn’t … Continue reading

Oeuf Poché à la Bourguignonne

We got the Friday off from school. I can only imagine we did so because we’re going to get roasted well next week when we have our first lunch and dinner service as well as the Normandy menu. So what do a bunch of culinary kids do on their day off? We go to the … Continue reading

Oeufs Farcis à la Chimay, Oeufs Mollets Florentine

I love eggs. They’re pretty, versatile, filling, and all things amazing. Too bad they bloat me like a blimp. This week was supposed to be easier than our first few weeks. After all, we were only dealing with Greek vegetables, taboulleh and eggs. Eggs in the shell. None of these were particularly hard or complicated. … Continue reading

Egg Curry with Naan

I was surprised by a lot of things when I first arrived in London in 2002. The pace, the people, the various accents and slang terms, PDA, and the homeless amongst others. I was also surprised by how popular Indian cuisine was here. There was an Indian restaurant or take-away every two blocks, and most … Continue reading