Menu Languedoc: Cannelloni de Chèvre au Pesto et Coulis de Tomate

After a ball-busting week over poultry I was eagerly looking forward to the Regional Menu Friday where we create a five-course meal, all lavish with paired wines, sit-down, unwind, gorge. I was especially looking forward to this menu as the Chef had allowed my recipe, my very own baby, onto the menu. How fun! I … Continue reading

Gnocchi with Goats Cheese Sauce

I have a few vivid and comical memories of my time as an investment banking analyst. One pleasant Friday evening I was anticipating the return of N&D from abroad and had prepared for it to be a special evening, complete with risotto and wine. I made sure I had replied to all my urgent emails, … Continue reading

Rigatoni Giardiniera (née Penne Giardiniera) with Garlic Chilli Prawns

After binging on a lot of Indian food recently I thought I’d be a bit more sensitive towards our over-indulged tummies. Pasta-pesto-cheese, although I love, tends to bloat me up like no tomorrow. Possibly because of the brick of cheese I tend to load up the bowl of pasta with. So I decided to copy-cat … Continue reading