Monkfish in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Ginger Spinach

I have a few of those days every now and again, when just one of the things required in setting up the business takes longer than it should and sets me off. Juggling all this together, plus handing in notice to move out and start house-hunting again, oh and the wedding, does result in some … Continue reading

Menu Languedoc: Cannelloni de Chèvre au Pesto et Coulis de Tomate

After a ball-busting week over poultry I was eagerly looking forward to the Regional Menu Friday where we create a five-course meal, all lavish with paired wines, sit-down, unwind, gorge. I was especially looking forward to this menu as the Chef had allowed my recipe, my very own baby, onto the menu. How fun! I … Continue reading

Goats Cheese, Pesto and Caramelised Red Onions Tart

Happy Easter! There have been very few weekends about which I can actually say I’ve had an awesome time at home slouching about on the couch. It had a discouraging start with grocery shopping on Saturday morning. I miss Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Whole Foods – where shopping aisles are planned with logic and there … Continue reading

Salmon Tartare and Carpaccio Agrumes

I’ve had a good couple of days. Yesterday, my crab bisque was catastrophic- runny, bland, pale coloured, and I had a failed attempt at flambé-ing, but I am patting myself on the back for doing relatively well with the crab cleaving on my second attempt. I suppose it’s the familiarity, or perhaps knowing they’re not … Continue reading

Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Risotto

I think my calves would taste like overcooked chicken drumsticks right now – hard, chewy and dry. Under any other circumstances I’d be feeling rather smug about them, being hard and all, but right now I’m walking like a bent compass and it’s very painful. The new Parisian pied à terre is on the 3rd … Continue reading

Christmas Chow

Hi, I’m back after my bezzie’s wedding in India. The bride and groom were fabulous, catching up with loads of old pals from school was awesome, seeing the Taj Mahal with my N&D was totally wow, the food was outstanding, and the runs could’ve been done without. It was really no surprise why so many … Continue reading

Vietnamese Pho with Fish Balls

I used to have a serious issue with Shoreditch, and North London in general. This issue stemmed from my time living in Angel in a five bedroom house that should’ve really been advertised as a five bedroom septic tank. I don’t know anybody that has enjoyed the house-hunting process in London. It is especially de-moralising … Continue reading

Gnocchi with Goats Cheese Sauce

I have a few vivid and comical memories of my time as an investment banking analyst. One pleasant Friday evening I was anticipating the return of N&D from abroad and had prepared for it to be a special evening, complete with risotto and wine. I made sure I had replied to all my urgent emails, … Continue reading

Rigatoni Giardiniera (née Penne Giardiniera) with Garlic Chilli Prawns

After binging on a lot of Indian food recently I thought I’d be a bit more sensitive towards our over-indulged tummies. Pasta-pesto-cheese, although I love, tends to bloat me up like no tomorrow. Possibly because of the brick of cheese I tend to load up the bowl of pasta with. So I decided to copy-cat … Continue reading

Chholay Bhaturay

Diwali, being like Christmas in the west, means family time, fireworks and food. Certainly helps having nearest & dearest around, as my family is back in Kuwait having as much an authentic Diwali celebration as possible in the Middle East. Having no backyard of my own I have to make do with no firework fun … Continue reading