Prawn, Scallop and Courgette Curry

Simple but not spectacular would be a fitting description for this dish. Madhur Jaffrey’s recipes are generally indulgent, decadent, spot on, but this one is very basic, and very easy to put together with pantry items. And simple is what I’m after. It’s hot like hell in Paris. We had to splash out on an … Continue reading

Steak Burgers with Brioche Burger Buns

First week at the restaurant has been composed of aching calves and glutes, and has seen the return of the irritating trigger finger. Not only is my body useless by the end of the day, my mind is too. Communication is tiring. I felt like I was faring a little better by the end of … Continue reading

Racks and Reshmi Kebabs

The Final Exam T-1: Menu Grand Ouest We had the biggest, flashest, and baddest-assest regional menu ever – Menu Grand Ouest, with gallons of wine to wash it down. Sardines aren’t my thing but I do love tomate fondue. The clams were a wonderful vessel to transport mounds of parsley butter into my gob. The … Continue reading

Osso Bucco Piemontaise, Steak and stuff

For some reason the past two weeks have wiped me out. Two difficult services, some difficult people, some difficult meetings, and I’m not sure I’m so good with difficult situations. At least my French is getting better. Someone stuck their name on my letterbox and a note inside saying, “If this is your letterbox, please … Continue reading

Menu Perigord: Cabillaud dans tous ses états

My favourite fish is black cod or butterfish. Butterfish or black cod? I’m confused. Googling hasn’t helped either. They taste the same, or similar at least. Black cod miso…yummm, seared butterfish with honey glazing…yummm. The best I’ve had has been at Roka, London. It doesn’t come cheap, and after a three course meal I felt … Continue reading

Rôti de Porc Ficelé and Carré de Porc

Our charcuterie lesson had opened my eyes and closed my mind. I could do nothing but stare, gob-smacked, when I read the recipe for Boudin Noir (black sausage): 500g raw onions 300g pork back fat 350 fresh pork blood 5cl cream 10cl lard Hang on…FRESH BLOOD?? I always knew black pudding was pig’s blood and … Continue reading

Navarin Agneau Printanier

Almost perfect. Sauce flavoursome, vegetables cooked well, served warm and on time, but meat dry. Sometimes I really wish I was a little bit taller, or just a lot faster. If I don’t shotgun one of the easily accessible levels of the oven in the kitchen I’ll be stuck with the higher racks, so high … Continue reading

Blanquette de Veau Ancienne and Escalope de Veau Viennoise

I’m not comfortable with food being described as “sexy”. There can be nothing decidedly defined as sexy in the culinary world. Sexy chicken?? Err no. Sexy egg perhaps? Sorry, no again. But unsexy…yes. Unsexy can be used to describe Blanquette de Veau. Phonetically it sounds like a baby cow blanket, and that would’ve probably been … Continue reading

Cromesquis d’Escargots

Our mock exam today was nerve-wracking. Everything about it: the weekend leading up to it, the 24 hours leading up to it, preparing the mise en place, plating, and then waiting anxiously to be told I suck. The night before I went through all my notes, recipes and relevant blog entries, so when we were … Continue reading

Down the Rabbit Hole…

Don’t like rabbit. To be honest, I rarely like meat unless it’s been processed till it is completely indistinguishable such as chicken nuggets or frankfurters. Crispy duck at Mr Chow’s in Knightsbridge was the defining moment of my conversion to non-vegetarianism on the wake of my acceptance of the French culinary school offer, but ever … Continue reading